About Suchith

I am a 2nd-year Ph.D. scholar under the supervision of Dr. Manik Varma and Dr. Sumeet Agarwal at School of AI, IIT Delhi. My research domain is Extreme Classification, simply put classification on steroids.

I graduated from National Instite of Technology Goa with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering with a 9.27 GPA, I was Gold medallist of my batch. Then I worked for a startup called Vehant Technologies, where I developed a stereo depth based Undervehicle scanning system (More about it in my CV).

Tennis is my first love (yeah, an engineer’s life) and someday soon I will play in professional tournment. I would love to get better at music, but seeing Ph.D. life as of now, it seems like a far fetched dream. Checkout my attempt to sync my hobbies and research at Link.